Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jenny Trainor Fluidity Workshop

I will be auditing and driving from Dillon if anyone is interested in joining me! :)

Jenny Trainor Licensed 2 Star Parelli instructor
Bozeman MT Feb 11th workshops

First session (9am) Balance point and Fluidity workshop
Improve your ability to communicate clearly with your horse using 3 rein positions. Fluidity concepts and applying them to the gaits your riding so you can move with your horse and not be in his way. We will make sure that these are in order before we add the next layer of human posture and the so old it is new again steady rein!

Second Session (after lunch, 1:30ish) Human posture and steady rein
I just spent 4 days with Linda Parelli and have new stuff to share that Linda is super excited to get out to the Parelli community! Hint it is going to take your porcupine game to the next level in the saddle!

One session (3 hrs) $105 or $180 for the day (6 hrs)
Limit six riders per session!
Facility Fee per horse $10
Neg Coggins with in the last 12 months
Auditors $25
If it really bad weather we will reschedule. FYI the indoor arena is not heated so dress warm.


  1. Have you had Jenny check your saddle and bareback pad?? I don't want to sound rude and I am no expert. But it seems that both your saddle and bareback pad are too far forward. If you look at all your pics your saddle is really down hill. Either you need a riser pad in back, or just sliding saddle back off of the withers might help? I am sure she can help. Have fun!!!

  2. Hi Janine,

    Thank you for your input. I've got the shimming set up the way Jenny suggested it the last time she was out. The saddle is actually not downhill in any of the photographs, but a riser in the back of the pad would in fact cause it to be downhill by lifting the back of the saddle and dumping it forward.

    The saddle and my pad do want to sit what appears to be fairly forward on Aspen but the stirrup bar/weight bearing part of the saddle is behind the farthest point at which her scapula slide back upon full extension. She's somewhat atrophied in her musculature so the saddle doesn't want to sit any farther back without eventually sliding a touch forward even with a lot of shims.

    I am not 100% satisfied with how it's sitting on her or in what position it puts me in. I think using the new Foam shims might help the saddle sit a little better over my pad and therefore sit more securely on her farther back.

    Always room for improvement and a little experimentation! I do hope to have Jenny out soon to help me with this.

    Thanks again! :)