Thursday, November 10, 2011

Vet Visit

Must have done something right yesterday because look who jumped in the trailer yesterday! 

First natural trailer loading this girl has ever had and I am SO proud of her! Took her to the vet who said the joint looks good but had to cut lots of proud flesh off the wound and gave me some new meds to help heal up that nasty cut. The sooner it's healed the sooner we can start riding again! :) 

Here are a few photos of her at the vet getting her leg worked on.  Although the vet's office left a lot lacking in the horsemanship department, namely refusing to let me handle Aspen once inside their facilities, I am glad she went and got checked out.  The assistant was holding her by the halter and practically pulling Aspen on top of her as Aspen progressively went more and more RBE (what about trying to confine a scared prey animal and pulling it ON TOP OF YOU makes sense to anyone??).  I would love to see more vets and farriers become Level One graduates and have a simple and basic understanding of how horses think!


Proud flesh removal

Proud flesh!

Proud flesh...ick...

Aspen with an assistant walking off the sedation.

My sweet drugged up Aspen.


  1. This was great post to look at while eating my breakfast! Haha oh well.

    I agree about vets and farriers. Melissa and I have a farrier that practices natural horsemanship and WOW it makes a HUGE difference! Never again will I have one that doesn't.

  2. Ahaha - I've caught a couple people eating with these photos. :) :)

    I wish I had access to a wider choice of vets around here, unfortunately there's only one with facilities here and two that operate out of their trucks or a very small addition to their house... Ehh, the joys of small town living sometimes. Totally jealous of your natural farrier!!

  3. The last time I had the vet out to see Sonny he did some chiro work because Sonny's hip was messed up. He wanted to longe him to see him trot. Of course he wouldn't let me longe him so he took the carrot stick and was swinging it around and couldn't figure out why he was madly galloping around. I told him he wouldn't trot until he put the stick down and he looked at me like I was crazy. Sure enough he put the stick down and Sonny trotted. A natural vet would be awesome ;).