Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Take The Time It Takes...

...SO IT TAKES LESS TIME! :)  Theme of the day today.  Had another wonderful no-dust session with Aspy.  She's such a clever girl - she is showing that side of herself more and more to me by trying to guess what I want and offer things like change of direction, drawing in, touching things with her nose, and trying to put her feet on EVERYTHING! :)  I have a water bin turned upside down that works great for  mounting or using to hold up one end of my jump since I don't have any standards.  I'd say the bin is about 2'6" high and she tried to get her front foot on it today while I wasn't paying attention.  I turned around to her pawing and trying to lift her hoof higher and higher to reach the top, all the while looking at the bin then back at me.  :)  I had to ask her to stop though because it's much too slippery to stand on. 

It took half the time to mount today which means that I did something right yesterday! I think offering her a Winnie's Cookie really helped make it a positive experience too.  As I stood on my water bin rubbing her and playing some Friendly game with her she started doing a lot of blinking and yawning again.  Great to see her release all that tension, but sad she has it to begin with :(  Hopefully she will continue to get more confident and relaxed with the idea of me on top of her.  

I decided to do another Horsenality chart on her because I feel like she's making some bigger changes and revealing to me more and more of who she really is.  I think she's going to turn out to be on the cusp of LBE/RBE, tending toward RBE in new environments or under pressure.  But when she's confident she's very engaging and is getting more playful by the day.  Yay!

I feel like I could have added more dots because sometimes she can be calm and tolerant, but not consistently.  Sometimes she's tense or mouthy but not regularly.  So I just chose the behaviors I see most regularly in her up to this point.  If you compare to any of my past charts I think this one looks a lot different.  Either my eyes are opening more to who she is and I was misreading her a bit or her Horsenality is evolving as she grows in the Parelli program...

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